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Create your own individual success strategy to earn 1.000$ with day trading within the first 6 months! 

RWS Masterclass

Here's What You Get When You Join:


  • What are stocks and how do they work
  • IPOs
  • Trading Times
  • Market Participants
  • What you need to start out
  • Long & Short
  • Candlesticks, Charting, Timeframes
  • Trend, Support & Resistance
  • Volume Liquidity, Spread and Slippage
  • Float & Mkt Cap
  • Technical Indicators
  • Order Types
  • Positionsizing


  • Volume Accumulation & Distribution
  • Priceaction, Pivots and Keylevels
  • Specialities (Halts, Price Gaps, Stock   Splits etc.)
  • Market Cycles
  • Frontside & Backside
  • Level 2: Time and sales, order flow
  • Entries & Exists
  • Manipulation & Momentum
  • Extension & Exhaustion of Price
  • Risk Management: Static & Dynamic,  Sizing, Minimizing & Maximizing exposure in a stock
  • My setups and Patterns
  • Tracking, Backtesting & Strategy Development
  • Livetrading Videos

instead of 349$
only 299$

60 days money back guarantee!

  • Secure ordering & payment

The Masterclass will be updated regularly!

But why do I need THIS course? 

You’ve been searching for that one working trading strategy to finally start making money in trading?

To have more free-timequality of life and financial support for your family?

Without sitting hundreds of hours in front of your screens not knowing if what you are doing will ever work out?
Spending thousands of $ on overpriced courses and trading gurus that all tell you the same things?

If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Carsten and i’ve been there myself in the beginning of my trading journey.
I was overwhelmed by all the information out there and didn’t even know where to start.
It has taken me multiple years and cost me a good chunk of money to figure out everything on my own and build my trading system.

Today i help aspiring traders like you to:

► Develop a profitable and individual trading strategy based on Data

► Save time, to spend it for the important things in life

► Save money for a more carefree life

► Gain high quality knowledge about the stock market

With this course you will be able to develop your own successful trading strategy.
Because I saw how many courses are offered online by inexperienced people who try to scam you and deliver you sub-par information to make you a successful trader.
Everybody is trying to avoid the important questions and nobody provides true value.
And all of that for extremely high prices.
In the end you are desperate, because you’ve spent all that money for nothing and are still searching for a solution that will get you to become the successful trader you aspire to be!

This is what other people say about my work:

If you are like me, you have probably checked the internet for daytrading coachings and courses and were either deterred by the enormous prices or you just had the feeling you were about to be scammed by a “get rich quick scheme”. I am so happy to have come across Carsten and his Video Course. Unlike a lot of other content you may find on the internet it picks you up right where you are. As a beginner trader it was very important for me to understand the basics first – what is a candlestick, how does it work to short a stock, how do I set up my broker, how do hotkeys work etc. The RWS Video Course offers an extensive package of videos showing you all the steps necessary to start your own trading career. Apart from the basics Carsten shares all his setups that make him a profitable trader. And here is the main aspect which in my opinion distinguishes this course form others – Carsten considers every possible factor that determines whether a setup is going to work or not. Have you ever wondered why your charts apparently look the same as the ones of profitable traders but their setups worked and your setups did not? After having learned from Carsten I can guarantee, you were missing at least one important premise for your setup to work. In my opinion this course is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. Nothing is more important in daytrading then learning the right strategies right from the start. This is definitely the place to do so!
Carsten is an enthusiastic and patient trading coach. He teaches in a clear, concise manner and with very friendly approach. From the basics to the advanced, Carsten simplifies and presents concepts in an easy to follow way. I continue to see my trading improve with every lesson, I’m more than happy.
I can highly recommend this gig for anybody who is aiming at entering the complex world of daytrading. Carsten is very professional and definitely knows what he is talking about. I'm very impressed about what I have learned in a small amount of sessions so far and I can not wait for what is yet to come.
Working with Carsten has been so easy, and I am very happy that I decided to contact him about learning to trade. I am surprised that I found such a caring, hard working individual online who is so willing to help others. Trading is hard, and Carsten doesn't cut corners. I will be continuing to work with him, as the value that he offers in my education far exceeds what he charges.
I'm happy on how it went. As a beginner he answered all my questions and made a better understanding on how to day trade! His course was knowledgeable and I can wait to work him in the future!!!
As a futures trader, concentrating on indices, I was constantly looking for a reliable course to enhance my knowledge about stock trading, especially small caps. I have read through many free available sources and tried several online courses until I found Carsten’s ‘Risk-Work-Success’. His comprehensive video course accompanied by personal coaching is different. It opened my eyes towards consistent trading approaches and strategies in order to find out what really works and what does not. It does not take out the effort to work hard but it forces you in the right direction to become profitable. Besides the strategy you gain a lot of insight about how price movement works, what to expect and how to read the market – not only price action but also the tape / order book and important related factors. His setups have a high win-rate and show up often enough to trade on a daily basis – if you want to. But also as a part-time trader you’ll get enough information to find your personal type of setup. Overall, if you are looking for an affordable online stock trading course this is the real deal.
Had a great chat with Carsten. Thanks for all the tips and nuggets on trading. Sharing his experience. Looking forward to our lessons ahead and the money we are going to make. 2021 is going to be a great year for trading and more so we need to have a coach to quick start the navigation through the dense forest in the trading world. More the reasons we need a fast platform, fast understanding from a responsive coach. Thanks Mate
Carsten is extremely well versed and knowledgeable in Day Trading. I, together with a friend purchased the service and we are both very satisfied with it. In the sessions we have held so far, Carsten has been very detailed in his explanations and even goes beyond the question at hand to make sure we really grasp all the concepts. The communication has been professional and friendly at the same time. The material he provides is brief, easy to understand, and covers the basics to gets us started. Overall, due to his passion for the topic, flexibility, and professionalism, we would rate this service a 10/10 and are happy to recommend it.
Hello...I thought long and hard about what to write because, as so often, many people just fake their testimonials and it's important to me to convince you of this. I wasted so much money and only for "fake"... hadn't met a real trader before I met Carsten! In my opinion, Carsten is one of the few or maybe the only one who is primarily a trader and not a seller. You can tell in every word when you talk to him that he is a trader through and through. His course is just mega...the strategies and analysis are unique in my opinion! I trade myself for about 3 years, although I was always in the plus but unfortunately never really constant. Thanks to Carsten I got continuity and was able to increase my profits! On the advice of Carsten, I started again from scratch and I have to say that it was really worth it... I never thought how many gaps in knowledge I had. That made me all the more angry... because I had already invested so much money in courses... So don't think twice if you really want to trade then you've come to the right place! If you haven't attended any courses yet, then I congratulate you, because you will reach your goal without detours and with the best coach! If you already have knowledge, it's best to forget everything you've learned and trust Carsten!! My last sentence goes to Carsten personally...thank you very much :-)

RWS Masterclass

instead of 349$
only 299$

60 days money back guarantee!

  • Secure ordering & payment

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What makes this course better than others?

A: The fact that it starts at zero (perfect for beginners) and really moves all the way up to

advanced concepts and trade management (for intermediates) which no course out there does

so far to that extend!


Q: Why is the course so much cheaper than other courses?

A: Because i was determined to create a reasonably priced course that allows you to keep and

use more of your money to trade with trading and still provides very good in depth content that

really makes a difference for your trading.


Q: Will i be consistently profitable after taking this course?

A: The answer is yes and no, it really depends on how fast you pick up on what you learned in the

course and how fast you can apply it with determination and focus in a demo, and after that in a

real account!

This is not a get rich quick scheme it will likely take you 6-24 months to become consistently

profitable, however this course should shorten your learning curve and keep you from losing money

on typical beginner mistakes, so you can avoid bad situations early on!


Q: Do you also offer 1on1 coaching, and how does that work?

A: Yes, i coach up to 15 people for 3 months, the coaching includes a free „get to know each other“ call, in

 which we discuss the issues you might have with your trading so i know where to start at. It includes weekly

 1on1 sessions, some live trading, access to my discord and WhatsApp chatroom in which i post all of my

 trades and trade analysis. You can also always reach out for questions and we usually discuss your trades

 during the week!

DISCLAIMER: No financial advice!

The information above are my personal results. Please understand that my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.

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